Q-  What should I bring on the day of the class?
A- For equipment, you should bring your your hardhat, ear and eye protection. Bring your chaps and your chainsaw if you have them. For clothing, you will need boots and clothing that will keep you warm and dry for the weather that day.

Q- What type of shoes are allowed for running the chainsaw?
A- We cannot allow you to run a chainsaw with sneakers or light footwear. A "hiker" type boot is allowed.  A leather boot with a hard toe is recommended.

Q- How long does the day last?
A- We try to finish by 4pm.

Q- Are there refreshments available?
A- No. We consider this to be a work day in the woods. Be sure to bring a lunch, drink, and snacks to last the day. We will not be taking an official lunch break - you'll eat on the go.

Q- If I do not have chainsaw chaps, should I purchase a pair before I come?
A- If you don't own a pair, please borrow from family or friends.  We recommend you wait until you take Level 1.  We will give you information as to the options you have in chaps and protective pants. 

Q - Is the class taught in the woods or in a classroom?

A - All of the classes are taught in the woods.  However, for the level 2 day, the time spent teaching the maintenance portion of the class can be taught in a shop or garage if one is available at the site.


Q- Do you ever cancel a day due to weather?
A- Very rarely!  We expect you to arrive with clothing to keep you warm and dry for the weather.  Very high winds, lightning, or heavy snow may force us to cancel.

Q- When will I know if a day is cancelled?
A- The host will send an email out to the class if the day is cancelled. No email means the day is ON.  A phone call will be made to anyone who does not have email.

Q- Will I be doing a lot of cutting with the saw during the class.
A- This is a "hands on" teaching format, however, there will be 6 to 9 other individuals in the class and all will be practicing the skills taught by the instructor, one at a time.  This does make for a fair amount of standing and watching. Please dress accordingly.

Q- I have lots of saw experience, can I just take the more advanced levels?

 A- The GOL Levels 1-4 must be taken consecutively. The skills necessary for each level are built upon from the previous level(s). Level 1 & 2 are a prerequisite for the Storm Damage Cleanup course. Levels 1-4 are required for the Level 5 refresher course.



COVID-19:  The host will send all participants a copy of the Northeast Woodland Training - Game of Logging Covid policy for trainings.  All participants will be expected to have a mask, to be worn at a few points during the day, as another item of PPE.  

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