Game of Logging History

An Effective Teaching System:
Game of Logging is a world-recognized training curriculum that teaches chain saw skills. Developed in the 1960s by Soren Eriksson, a Swedish logger turned training instructor, the Game of Logging combines Scandinavian logging techniques with the latest systems for working safely around trees.


The “game” refers not only to the friendly competitive aspect of the training, but also to the necessity of having a winning plan or strategy for felling trees and working safely. The program breaks apart saw work into steps that are practiced throughout the course. A fun scoring system helps focus participants’ attention on the most important details and allows them to measure their progress each day.

Game of Logging training is provided to forest owners, students, municipal crews, military units, and many others.

Hands-on Training in Small Groups:
Game of Logging training is hands-on. One instructor works with a group of eight to ten participants to ensure that each participant has time to practice the techniques and receive personal feedback. Participants receive individualized coaching at a series of in-the-woods practice stations. The instructor pays close attention to body positioning and other factors that can contribute to unsafe work habits.

By listening to explanations, watching demonstrations, and then practicing techniques, participants come away with better work habits and greater confidence in their ability to safely fell trees and work in the woods.

Four Days of Safety & Skills Training:
The entire Game of Logging program is broken into four separate days. Day 1 provides an overview of chain saw safety and covers basic tree felling. Day 2 covers basic saw maintenance and chain sharpening techniques and provides another opportunity for tree felling.

Days 3 and 4 build on the first two days and present techniques for felling difficult trees, including trees with side and back lean. Days 3 & 4 also cover limbing and bucking techniques and systems for planning work.

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